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Top things to do in Solomon Islands

Top things to do in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are famous for smoldering volcanoes, mountains covered with rainforests, World War II remnants and the coral-ringed beaches. The islands offer among the top best travel experiences in the world. Here are some of the best experiences in the Solomon Islands.

Diving in the Solomon Islands waters gives access to the irresistible underwater treasures of massive colored coral reefs with giant sea fans, strange critters, eerie drop-offs tumbling into the abyss and scenic World War II wrecks. The Solomon coast has several dive resorts that provide idyllic gateways to underwater sea exploration. Liveaboard vessels are also provided for visitors wishing to see the sea extensions.

Marovo Lagoon incorporates several dive sites giving you access to the vast spices of fish and coral reefs such as manta rays and sharks. South Marovo has Kicha, Male Male and Mbula islands. The north of Marovo has beautiful features of dramatic walls, uncomplicated coral reef dive sites, and breathtaking passages.

The vast Central Market in Honiara City offers a Melanesian experience of their livelihood. The market is hassle-free. Vendors stock different fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish at affordable prices. However, the market is usually filled with pungent odor from the fish section on the backside. Gizo Market located on the neighboring island is also famous. Boat rides access it. It stocks fresh coconut water and sweet bananas among several other products.

The magnificent Mataniko & Tenaru Waterfalls have beautiful natural pools for refreshing dips. Tourists can do a two-hour hike to Mataniko Falls that comprises of little cascades flowing into a small canyon. The return 2 hours walk is quite rewarding with a natural pool swim and tropical ambiance experiences.

Solomon Islands are famous for their World War II remnants which are scattered all over the jungle and sea. Tourists can visit the poignant memorials and battlefields outside Honiara for scenic views and history lessons. The Japanese field guns, Sherman tank, several US aircraft remains abandoned battle tracks are quite magnificent. Tourists can also visit the collection of relics from WWII, several museums, large Japanese anti-aircraft guns and sunken Japanese freighter located in West New Georgia Island.



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