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Increased crimes recorded in 2017 prove challenging to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force

Increased crimes recorded in 2017 prove challenging to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force

According to the police force Crime Records Office, there were 5,457 criminal cases recorded throughout 2017 in the Solomon Islands. The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) organization stated that the year had been quite challenging for them. This was owing to the high number of crime cases reported in the country. Further, it was overwhelming for them as they had limited resources to enable the organization delivers the best and quality policing services.

Crime Records Office also revealed the crime categories in which the 5,457 spread over in 2017. They reported that 1,812 crimes were against a person while statute offenses reported a total of 1,683 cases. Crimes against properties were reported at a total of 1,430. Crimes against lawful authority totaled to 412 while those against morality were 120 cases.

The assistant Commissioner Crime Ian Vaevaso also revealed that there were a good number of crimes which were still being investigated by the police force. Additionally, many unrecorded cases were also resolved outside the court processes. He also pointed out that there was a continuous detection of new crimes adding to the police baggage.

AC Vaevaso stated that there were efforts initiated by the crime portfolio in order to improve the capabilities of RSIPF in investigating cases. These efforts would also ensure that RSIPF carried out their investigations in the right manner to the quality standards that are required by the law. The assistant Commissioner Crime also advised the public to join hands with RSI Police Force in sharing the responsibility. The two parties should work together in fighting crime in the country.  He said that both the people and the police force should strive to stop crimes which were having a negative impact on the country’s economy.



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